The Great Seal of the State of Oklahoma is a tribute to the state’s Indian heritage and its hope for the future. The central design consists of one large star, representing the state of Oklahoma, surrounded by 45 small stars, representing each of the other states of the Union. The large star that symbolizes Oklahoma features five radiating arms, one for each of the five Civilized Indian Nations. The top ray is for the Chickasaw Nation, and holds a warrior with a bow and a shield. The upper right ray represents the Choctaw Nation, with a bow, three arrows, and a tomahawk. The lower right ray honors the Seminole Nation, with a hunter in a canoe. The lower left ray is for the Creek Nation, and holds a sheaf of wheat and a plow. And the upper left ray is the seal of the Cherokee Nation, with a seven-pointed star and a wreath of oak leaves. The center of the main star shows an Indian shaking hands with a white man, symbolizing the merging of cultures. Olive branches encircle this image, representing the hope for peace. The state motto “Labor Omina Vincit”, or “Labor Conquers All”, displays on the seal, and the entire seal is ringed with “Great Seal of the State of Oklahoma 1907”.