continuos medical education


Rescue and first aid course
SOS Volunteer Emergency and Public Assistance Association
Civic Centre. Mozzate (CO)
16 May-16 June 1985

Course for volunteer assistants in Local Health Units
Healthcare volunteering in Local Social Health Services Association (AVULSS)
Arcivescovile “Castelli” College. Saronno (VA)
2 October -30 November 1986

PRH formative session “essential elements of the personality”
Personality and Human Relations (PRH)
Castiglione Torinese (TO)
27 October-01 November 1995, 33 hours

9th International course on “rescue management and first aid treatments in maxi-emergencies”
European Council. World Health Organisation (WHO). European Centre for Disaster Medicine (CEMEC)
Palace Congress. Republic of San Marino (RSM)
06-10 November 1995

Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)
American College of Surgeons (ACS). University of Turin
Military Hospital. Turin
18-20 December 1995

Intensive course of cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the field and for the emergency room
Savona Scientific Association for the Emergency and Rescue (ASSES)
Villa Groppallo.Vado Ligure (SV)
7-9 March 1996

Formative course on psychological aspects in Emergency
CFTS 7 – National Conference for the Emergency Health Services
Villa Castelletti. Signa (FI)
17 May 1996, 8 hours

Postgraduate Course on health skills in the National Civil Defence Service
University of Pisa
Tenuta San Rossore. Pisa
23-26 May 1996

TOP ‘96 (Trauma Operative Procedures), 11th International Postgraduate Course on Critical Care Medicine
Anaesthesia, Pain, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (APICE)
Congress Palace. Trieste
11-13 November 1996

Post graduate course on First Aid and Major Emergency Surgery
G. D’Annunzio University
Residency School. Chieti
17 January–17 June 1997

Theoretical and practical mandatory refresher course of general practitioners and emergency medical service physicians – extra hospital rescue for trauma patient
Local Health Authority n. 6
Ufficio Formazione. Cantù (CO)
26-28 November 1997

Formative course for health operators in HEMS and SAR service of 118 Urgent Care and Medical Emergency Service
Piedmont Regional Health Department. Regional coordination Helicopter Medical Services
118 Urgent Care and Medical Emergency – Cuneo Province. Levaldigi Airport (CN)
01-03 December 1997

Meeting on quality in healthcare: clinical audit and healthcare improvement
University of Pavia
Department of Biometry and Clinical Epidemiology. Pavia
04-08 May 1998

III formative course to obtain professional qualification to practice emergency service according to Decree of the president of the Italian Republic 22 july 1996, n. 484
Lombardy Region Authority. Como Province Health Service Authority
Sant’Anna Hospital NHS Trust. Como
01 June-15 December 1999

Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) refresher course
American College of Surgeons (ACS). University of Turin
Military Hospital. Turin
30 March 2000

Formative Stage for Hyperbaric Oxygen Physicians
Centro iperbarico srl
10-16 May 2002

Toxicological Basic Support and Therapy (training course on emergency clinical toxicology)
Poison Control Centre of Milan. Niguarda Ca’ Granda Hospital
Ibis Hotel. Milan.
29 September-1 October 2003

Extra hospital first aid management: specific situations
Ufficio formazione Sant’Anna Hospital NHS Trust
Sant’Anna Hospital NHS Trust. Como
27 May, 24 June e 30 September 2003

Rescue management under NBC risk event
Sant’Anna Hospital NHS trust. Como
School for Nurses, district area of Cantù
28 February 2004

Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) refresher course
American College of Surgeons (ACS) ATLS Italian Regional Faculty
Padua Hospital
11 June 2004

Emergency Ultrasound
Formative multidisciplinary Group in Emergency Ultrasound
Padova Hospital
28 September 2004

ACLS protocols updating
Ufficio formazione Sant’Anna Hospital NHS Trust. Como
School for Nurses, area division of Cantù
15 November 2004

Extra hospital management in major event
Staff Formazione,
Sant’Anna Hospital NHS Trust
04-05 February 2005

Multi trauma patient management in extra and intra hospital environment: evidence, tradition, organization
Comitato per la formazione aziendale
Sant’Anna Hospital NHS Trust
10-15 March 2005

Basic legal aspects for physicians
Comitato per la formazione Aziendale
Sant’Anna Hospital NHS Trust
19 December 2005

Major event management in presence of NBCR hazardous substances
Comitato per la formazione Aziendale
Sant’Anna Hospital NHS Trust
23 February 2006

Formative Distance Courses

Una decisione condivisa: Identificazione del potenziale donatore di organi, diagnosi di morte
Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico Mangiagalli e Regina Elena. Milano
10 December 2005

Head trauma: neuropsychological rehabilitation aspects
Arcispedale Sant’Anna. Ferrara
03 Marzo 2008

Meeting and Congress

3rd International Symposium on “Small Bowel Transplantation”
René Descartes University
Chemistry House. Paris (France)
3-6 November 1993

International Symposium on “Hepatic metastases from colorectal carcinoma”
Digestive diseases association
Executive Milan. Milan
24-26 March 1994

Italian Society for Research in Surgery (SIRC)
Congress Palace. Grado (UD)
28-30 April 1994

Meeting on: “Multi trauma patient: anatomical and clinical aspects of best pluridisciplinar interest”
Liguria Society of Orthopaedic and Traumatological Videosurgery and Emergency Surgery
Civil Hospital. Imperia
12 November 1994

Second Meeting MAPRIS (MAnifestazione sul PRImo Soccorso)
Consultive Provincial Commission of First-Aid Rescue Organizations and Associations in agreement with SSUEm 118 of Como. Lariosoccorso
ELMEPE fair. Erba (CO)
04 June 1995

Meeting “Up-to-date in Medicine”
Provincia Lombardo Veneta. Ordine Ospedaliero di S. Giovanni di Dio Fatebenefratelli. Ospedale “Sacra Famiglia”
Monguzzo Castle (CO)
21 October 1995

Scientific meeting “multi trauma patients in emergency”
Emergency and Urgency Physicians Association (AME). University of Verona
“G. Marani” Cultural Centre. Verona
25 November 1995

2nd national meeting on home urgency and field emergency
Emergency and Urgency Physicians Association (AME). Italian Society of General Medicine (SIMG)
Moncalieri (TO)
2 December 1995

XI National meeting on Health Emergency
Italian Society of Anaesthesia and Resuscitation Care (SIARTI)
Congress Palace. Montecatini (PT)
13-14-15 December 1995

Satellite Symposium of International Congress on: “Head Trauma in developmental age” with the title: “Head Trauma. Quid Agendum?”
Brianza Medical Association. “Sacra Famiglia dei Fatebenefratelli” Hospital
Eugenio Medea Institute. La Nostra Famiglia. Bosisio Parini (LC)
12 March 1996

Training Atelier for Operative Centers personells of per Operatori delle Centrali 118 sul tema “Dispatch interrogative forms and forensic-medical aspects”
N&A Mensile Italiano del Soccorso
Nannini Editore. Pistoia
04 April 1996

Meeting on Health Emergency
Villa Castelletti. Signa (FI)
16-19 May 1996

Anaesthesia and Resuscitation in difficult environmental conditions
Comsubin Military Health Service
Varignano. La Spezia
31 May-01 June 1996

Emergency City of Merate
Local Health Authority n. 8
Osnago Fair. Merate (LC)
15-16 June 1996

Emergency Training 1996
Ambulanza CATIS 5
Congress Palace. Bologna
27-29 Settembre 1996

1st meeting “Safety on Roads project”
Como Prefecture of Police
Villa Erba. Cernobbio (CO)
16 June 1997

2nd European Congress of Trauma and Emergency Surgery
European Association of Trauma and Emergency Surgery (EATES)
Hilton Hotel. Athens (Greece)
01-04 October 1997

“E 97 Tuttoquantofaemergenza”
Emergency Today. Key Communication SAS
Congress Palace. Riva del Garda (TN)
11-12 October 1997

1st Congress on Emergency Medicine
European Center for Disaster Medicine (CEMEC)
San Marino Republic (SMR)
22-25 April 1998

2nd meeting “Safety on Roads project”
Como Prefecture Police
Gallio College. Como
11 May 1998

Meeting “Sudden and Arrhythmic Death: no reversing emergency?”
Sant’Anna Hospital NHS Trust. Como.
Castle of Monguzzo (CO)
13 June 1998

“One day meeting on multi trauma management: priorities and protocols”
Macchi Foundation and District Hospital (Emergency and Critical Care Department)
Aule Seppili, University of Insubria. Varese
28 November 1998

3rd meeting “Safety on Roads project”
Como Prefecture Police
ITIS Magistri Comacini Secondary School. Como
06 May 1999

3rd National Congress on Emergency Services: “Le figure professionali impegnate nell’emergenza”
Local Health Authority 11 Empoli. Local Health Authority 2 Lucca. Local Health Authority 3 Pistoia
Vittoria Palace Congress. Montecatini Terme (PT)
25-27 November 1999

Respiratory emergency in children
Paediatric Association. Varese
Macchi Foundation and District Hospital. Varese
28 March 2000

30th National Congress
Italian Society for Emergency and Trauma Surgery (SICUT)
Michelangelo Hotel. Milan
21-23 November 2002

Socrates Project: interactive seminar on cardiovascular continuum: from hypertension to cardiac failure
Villa Geno. Como
3 December 2003

On the spot investigation, reconnaissance o intervento? Multidisciplinary management in a complex event
Lariofiere. Erba (CO)
Permanent school for Critical care, Emergency and Disaster Medicine
21 April 2007