The Arms of Alberta embrace its Motto FORTIS ET LIBER Strong and Free.

Those very words aptly describe Alberta – from its politics to its peoples’ general spirit. Today the motto is used together with the Coat of Arms on seals, shields, banners and flags.

First designed in 1907, a Royal Warrant assigned the Armorial Ensigns of the Province of Alberta. Topped by a red St. George’s Cross on a white background, the Armorial Ensigns set a blue sky in behind snowy mountains with green hills, a prairie and a wheatfield in the foreground.

Then on July 10, 1980, the Arms of Alberta added a Crest, Supporters and a Motto. Now, we find an elaborate design of a Crest with a royal crown resting regally on top of a beaver that’s sitting on a helm (helmet) with a silver and red wreath. The Supporters are a gold lion (ancient symbol of power) and pronghorn antelope (symbol of natural riches). The Compartment (base of the Coat of Arms) is a grassy mount flecked with our official flower, the wild rose.