The Connecticut State Seal has changed over the years, but it still has similarities to some of the older versions of the state?s seals. The original seal had 15 grapevines on it and the motto ?Sustinet Qui Transtulit? (He Who Transplanted Still Sustains). That seal was carried over to this country from England in 1639. The words ?Sigillum Coloniae Connecticensis? (Seal of the Connecticut Colony) were added as the seal underwent revisions in later years.

After the Revolutionary War, as Connecticut gained statehood, the legend was changed to ?Sigillum Reipublicae Connecticutensis? (Seal of the State of Connecticut). The motto ?Sustinet Qui Transtulit? remains the same as on the original. And some of those grape vines that were a prominent feature of the older seals made it to the current seal (three are on the present one).