CVE 200

Commemorative issue

Birth centenary of HenriqueTeixeira de Sousa

In front of the note, the figure of HENRIQUE TEIXEIRA DE SOUSA stands out,printed in intaglio, supported by a medallion consisting of reproductions ofa piece of pano di terra and the map of the island of fire. The bottom, printed in offset , iscomposed of a lithographic microtext, not visible to the naked eye.The watermark obtained from a portrait of Henrique Teixeira de Sousa,approximately 25.3 cm high, is located on the left side of thefront of the note, in an area of ??approximately one third of its surface.On the left side of the portrait, immediately below the map of the island of Fogo, arethe signatures of the Governor and the Administrator of the Bank of Cape Verde.On the map of the island, a bunch of grapes from the Chã das Caldeiras region, with the inscriptionBCV in microtext, printed in intaglio.

Script: Latin

On the back of the note, a perspective of the PEAK OF THE FIRE VOLCANO, printed inoffset , as the main element of the back of the note, applied over the medallionconsisting of a piece of cloth di terra . Introduced on the back of the note, thesecurity is 2 mm thick, rainbow fluorescence, magnetic, readingautomatic and includes the BCV 200 text.The new 200 Escudo banknote will circulate at the same time as the current banknote inpolymer, that is, both 200 Escudos banknotes have liberating power and must be accepted as a means of payment.The distribution of the note to the public will be made through the credit institutionscredit.

Script: Latin